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  Volume 4, Issue 3 (Summer 2019)  

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The prevalence of traumatic childbirth and post-traumatic stress is high in Iran; hence, it is necessary to carry out further studies to understand this important issue, so that more attention can be paid to mothers’ psychological problems to plan and make policies to maintain and improve their health in the postpartum period.

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The results of the current study showed that the neonates born by normal vaginal deliveries, compared to those delivered by caesarean sections, had a more favorable status, regarding the frequency of breastfeeding, the frequency of urination per day, and the first postpartum defecation time. Moreover, the level of weight loss (g) per day and the percentage of daily weight loss were higher in the neonates born by caesarean sections compared to the other neonates.

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In the present study, the prevalence of adenomyosis was high and abnormal uterine bleeding was the patients’ most prevalent complaint. Moreover, leiomyoma had the highest correlation with adenomyosis.

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According to the results gained in this study, Foley catheter application for induction of labor had better outcomes in comparison to vaginal misoprostol. It can even be a better alternative for vaginal misoprostol; hereby the side effects of misoprostol such as possible tachysystol and fetus distress can be prevented.

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Misoprostol cervical ripening resulted in lower Persistent GTN incidence. Also, trophoblastic embolism following misoprostol administration is so rare that we observed no case.

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Experiences about vaginal leiomyosarcoma are not sufficient due to rarity of the disease. However, based on review of the literature surgery is still the first choice followed by both chemotherapy and radiotherapy that are preferred based on current reports.

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 Two cases of CS died during the study period. Even with multimodalities of treatment, the prognosis of uterine sarcoma is still poor and early diagnosis seems to improve the prognosis of the patients.

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Ovarian MST is a rare tumor that originates from the ovarian stroma, which is histologically confused with a number of ovarian tumors, especially metastatic tumors. Immunohistochemistry findings are very helpful in differentiating this tumor from other tumors and preventing diagnostic errors.

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