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  Volume 4, Issue 1 (Winter 2019)  

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Considering all the points above, a review was performed to study the role of laparoscopy in gynecologic oncology including endometrial and cervical cancer. It can be concluded that laparoscopy is not safe in a disease with high risk of tumor spread. Also a good prognosis of cancer patients should not be jeopardized by doing incomplete laparoscopic surgery.

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The outcome of the activation of this norepinephrine serotonin pathway is believed to be the narrower thermoregulation zone, which in turn results in a greater risk of crossing the upper and lower thresholds of the thermoregulatory zone. Thus, it causes sweats and chills in this group of women. The most known effective treatment of hot flashes is hormone replacement therapy (HRT); however, in recent years, other non-hormonal options have become available for those women who cannot or do not want to take HRT.

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Despite recent advances in the prenatal field, the accuracy of screening tests may still vary depending on maternal age and other existing characteristics. Consequently, in parents consulting, the possibility of false positives and negatives should be considered in the tests.

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Our finding revealed that, if guided and employed properly, sexual desire during pregnancy can moderate stress.

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Maternal and amniotic fluid lipid profiles could be good indicatives of fetus growth.

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In this study, the prevalence of abnormal cervical cytology has been significantly increased in Iran in recent years. This increase requires careful monitoring of general education programs, strict cervical cancer screening, and routine vaccination against HPV infection.

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Response rate in the low-risk GTN patients was excellent (100%) and it was more than 90% in the high-risk GTN patients. Therefore, if GTN patients are treated in reference centers, the response rate will be favorable. Patients with brain metastases have good chances of recovery if treated timely.

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An inner myometrial laceration is one of the differential diagnoses of postpartum hemorrhage which should be taken into consideration. Laparotomy and hysterotomy for repairing the inner myometrial laceration would control postpartum hemorrhage and could avoid hysterectomy.

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